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I have never been truely satisfied with just having sex twice in a day, and having it 3 times a day spread out is fine, but i have always wanted to be fucked, rest for 30ish minutes, fucked rest for 30ish minutes, fucked rest for 30ish minutes....well, you get the idea. I'm young i deserve a day of sex if i desire. I will be on top if it is too hard for him to work that much. I would just be happy fucking your dick with my mouth. Well, Yesterday NOah came over to my work, he had just gotten off his shift and wanted to say goodbye, (our works are very close to each other) Luckly it was time for my break, so as he came in i put my apron away and we went outside to just hug and talk. We embraced and he whispered in my ear that he wanted to fuck tonight. I just softly smirked with his blutness. He always surprises me with this uncharacteristic blutness. But he knows i love it. He loves i would whether he said "i want to fuck" whether then "lets go make love". So that night, i put my thigh highs, my black see through underwear with the red riffles on the butt cheeks. and my see through black bra in my little black purse. i love that my purse is so small but yet i can fit my wallet, keys, lip stick, gum and my underwear. the underwear i am most prove of for fitting.
So we wondered for a little while in his house, he worked on the computer while i talked to his mom. then he came into the livingroom, and wrapped his arms around me from behind and told me we are going upstairs. I blushed and grabbed my purse. Walking ahead of him up the stairs. He loves to watch my ass move. He straightens his bed and lays down on the bed, i untie my halter top and lift it over my head and through my arms, my nipples get hard and i take a deep breath. Then running my hands to my back lowering my zipper, causing my skirt to fall to the ground, i then gracifully remove my underwear, releasing one thigh at a time. the fabric grazing across my soft, newly shaved skin. Reaching for my purse, i take out my thigh highs, underwear and bra. First putting on my underwear, having this be the first time for him to see them. then my thigh highs and my bra.
Walking towards him,He tell me to remove my underwear...letting me know he loves them, but he wants to see my cunt. I remove my underwear.i part my thighs, my pussy tiggles with the feeling of being spread wide, but yet nothing to release it's throbbing desire for a cock. I set on him, my pussy lips parting on his dick. He starts to softly thrust his amazing dick against my clit. I tell him how good he feels against my clit and how wild he makes me. Kissing and biting his neck. I wrap my arms around his back, my hands on his shoulders. I lift my hips high, letting his cock stand up striaght for me. I then start to softly press the head of his cock against my pussy, getting it soaked in my juices. Then i press hard and let his cock enter my welcoming pussy. we both moan. I love the first thrust, i love how we moan at the same time, feeling the same pleasure.
I then start to slowly pound my pussy on his cock, he puts his hands on my hips, helping guild me. I then want to pound harder, faster, deeper. So i straighten my arms and press them against the bed, i now get to relish in seeing his expression as i press deep against his cock. Moans relishing from my own body, i lose the striaghten in my arms and press my chest against his again. He then wraps his arms around my back and pushing his hands on my shoulders and starts to pound hard into my pussy. i lose focus and start moaning, yearning, begging for him to fuck me hard. the words and sounds releasing for my mouth. He loves nothing else about me, its that i am so loud in bed. He cums.....

30 minutes

He removes my thigh highs and bra. I now am just exposed and naked for him. He can run his hands along my legs and lick my breasts. Softly biting and sucking on my firm breasts. I tell him to lay on his back, I get up on him again, he licks his fingers and then presses them against my pussy, lightly ficking my clit, so that i will be all nice and wet for him. After about a minute of his, he puts his hands on my hips, raises them and drops me down on his cock. I decide to set up. He can now get the best set in the house of how excited i get when fucking him, Working my thigh and leg muscles, lifting and thrusting on him, its so much work, but i love it. It feels so good. he puts his thrumb on my clit as i ride him and starts to play with it. Some moments where he rubs it just right and i quiver with whole body trembles. it feels so good i want to scream, but he lives at home and we don't want his family to know of our secret fun.He then asks to be on top. I lay on my back and he just takes me, fucking me hard, with no care or concern if he will hurt me, i have told him in the past, "don't stop when i make pain noises, stop when i say STOP" He cums....

I tell him i want to go a third time before we go to sleep, He laughed and tells me i am going to kill him.

30 minutes

I tell him its okay, we dont have to, I lay next to him and we softly kiss....he then works his hand down to my pussy, with him laying on his side and me on my back, He starts to rub my clit. Just watching me moan and shiver with joy. God, it feels so good when he rubs my clit, he does it so well, there are seconds that he ficks just the right spot and i want to scream out of pleasure. I wasn't expecting him to want to fuck again, i thought he was going to just try to please me with his fingers, which he was. I thought he was going to ..well, as he puts it "2 in the pink, 1 in the stink", but he never even touch my vagnial hole, just rubbed my clit. Then he stopped, got on top of me and ride me hard. I got a orgasm so quick. i think i had 5 orgasms the whole night. God
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