bite me harder (dirtychristian) wrote in kink_klub,
bite me harder

shame with a smile

the sun sets behind my shoulders as i look on to my friends playing random fair games. I never noticed his eyes from behind me. Across the room, but his presents consumed the room, i could almost feel his breath rushing against my ear lobe. His hot, quick breath as he looks on at me giggling innocently to items of my own humor. Silently he looks on, lusting over the curves of my body, how my skirt playfully hits aganist the thighs of my long legs. Parting wide as i walk, my shear skirt fabric grabs deep against my pussy, revealing no lines of my black thong underwear. Convaying my soft, round and peak ass.
I bore of the games and decide to walk outside to a snack bar only feet from the building to get a cherry icee. Right before setting out onto the cool step staircase i look back to my friends to let them know where i am going to be. I smile, wave and flip a strand of hair from my face. Then notice in the corner of my eye a dark presence. I look and then smirk at the silliness of my own nervousness. "nobody is watching me" i continue to tell myself. Wrapping my scarf around my neck to fight off the cool air of the night. As the back end of my scarf hits my back i feel a hand rest firmly and violently on my shoulder, then another around my mouth, pulling me near to his chest. His mouth against my ear, breathing deep and hard against my cheek.
His breath is the one i worried about eariler. My body tembles wildly as he wraps his other hand from my shoulder to my neck. i am now just realized the knief in his hand. He presses the handle against my neck, "not a word" he tells me with quick confidence. Telling to control my own breathing i take a deep breath and hold it as long as i can. my ear have heightened with an sound, every breath stealing from my mouth sounds like a scream, i fear if i make too loud a breath he will kill me out of fear and nervousness. But his words were nervous, they weren't parinoid. They were controling and powerful. He knew no one could see us in the corner of the darkness.
My tummy is growling from terror, i can feel the pain in my tummy rising, i can feel it in my throat. "oh, God no" i think. My mouth widens and i throw up all over his hand and all over my clothing and our shoes. Releasing my mouth a little to let the throw up fall, but keeping his other hand around my chest. "your going to pay for that" he tell me. "i'm sorry" i softly whimper. "look how dirty you have gotten yourself, we dont want you to get sick in those wet clothes, now do we?" he says to me. "walk" he tell me, leading me to the side of the building where a old tool shead is for the gardener. Pressing me in ahead of him, i slam to the floor. My skirt flys to my waist, revealing my black thong. my skirt rips at the sleves. His back to me he locks the door. Then turns and looks at me with a smile on his face. He looks at me "take off my pants", i stand in shock with no idea if he actually wants me to remove his pants. "what?" i say out of fear and shock. He raises hi dirty, sweaty hand and slaps me across the face. "now take off my pants" he demands. I starts to lightly cry as i start to crawl towards him and lay my hands on his belt. Undoing his belt, buttoning his pants and shortly lowering the zipper. Taking a hand on each side of his pants i part his pants. revealing his underwear, his rock hard cock springs out against his underwear like a tent.
"remove my underwear as well" he tell me, as he softly moans with a deep breath. I start to pull down at his underwear and jeans at the same time, as i pull down to this hips his huge cock pops out of his underwear. I eyes light up with how thick his cock is and how close it is to my lips and mouth. But he cant know my delight in seeing his cock. I suddenly look down in shame. Then try to quickly lower his patns to his ancles. "oh, God no" i think, "he saw my smile" he grabs me by the shoulders, lifting me quickly to my feet and having me at eye level. "you want my cock, dont you, you little slut" he says, i look down in shame. He laughs and pushs me away from him, "now strip for me" he demands. i step back still crying and lift my shirt over my head and through my arms. right before i decide to close my eyes . i look at him, his hand is wrapped around his hard cock, jacking off to me stripping for him. He hand motions seem so slow. Just teasing his head as i remove my bra. my nipples harden as the cold air wraps around them. I secretly love to be naked, i never feel more sexy then when i am naked. But he can't know my joy in seeing my soft skin revealed. I lower my skirt to the ground, i look up at him, once move, he is jerking off fast now, one hand grapping his balls and one stroking his whole dick. tight, long, fast thrusts. I make a quick pant glimsping at him. Then quickly press my middle finger against my pussy. "noo", he can't know, i can't show him how wet i am. But he knows, He grabs my hand ripping it away from my pussy. "why, what is this?"He pushes my thong to the side and presses his finger against my wet pussy. "you dirty little slut, so wet for me" Part your legs, i take a step "no, i want to see your pussy", he puts a strong grip on each thigh and parts my thighs wide, making it hard to balance, He gets down to his knees and parts my pussy lips.
Stroking his tongue against my wet clit, his knowing tongue, hitting my clit just right is so amazing. I bite my lower lip as my thighs tumble. He looks up at me and sees how i try to pretend i am not enjoying his tongue. He then takes two fingers and thrusts them up my pussy and one up my ass, while his thumb works on my clit. I can't hold it any longer i moan out loud as i cum. my jucies flowing all over his hand and wrist. more later....are you enjoying so far?
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