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murder to my rape

I used to be in a Hardcore band called "death to my murder"... and we had our first show at a huge venue..normally we do openings for small venues..but we were super excited about playing with some local huge bands, the turn out was amazing... my friend and bandmate Sarah peeked through the curtains with me...We wanted to start jumping up and down with excitement... But we decided to get off the stage and go back to the back room on the side of the stage for the bands to hang out in. We were talking to the other guys and one other girl that was was like 20 guys and 3 crowded, but it was fun. the heat of the room and someone always knocking into me, or touching me, the sexual tension was amazing..

The guys were making stupid comments about how hot Sarah and i was...and started asking us to kiss...
We were both good little Christian girls, which made the desire to make us do dirty things even stronger..Sarah had known from past conversations that i love to lick pussy, but i never get the chance...
So, we decided to give in and kiss for the guys excitement. I softly layed my hand on her cheek and pulled her near to my lips for a kiss.........her lips were so soft, and pouty when she kissed me. She giggled out of nervousness just after the first kiss, causing me to giggle...
the boys said they wanted more...So, we turn to each other and kissed again. I moved my hand down to her amazing perky breasts..I pulled her shirt off and pressed her against the wall.
She hadn't worn a bra because her top was so tight it held her breasts tight, revealing her hard nipples..I loved her nipples, sucking, biting and pulling her nipples...She tilted her head back and softly moaned...i looked back to the guys, realizing, the room at gotten silent...they all looked really uncomfortable, some had their hands in their pants, stroking their dicks. Others were just adjusting their throbbing cocks to a more comfortable position.
It made me so horny knowing their were getting off to seeing me touch her... i wanted to give them something to really ache for....
So, i took off my top ( didnt wear a bra either for the same reason), so i was just in my short pleaded black skirt, black thigh highs and a guarder, she had the same outfit on..we dressed about the same for shows... I removed her short skirt and her underwear was the kind that had belts on the sides, so i undid the belts and removed her underwear, but i kept her guarder and thigh highs on...I licked my index finger and pressed it against her wet pussy. She had the most gorgous pussy.. My pussy was throbbing, just thinking about being able to lick and taste her jucies...knowing all the guys would see.... I parted her pussy lips and flicked my tongue against her clit. She moaned so hard, She grabbed my hair at the roots and pulled as she moaned, i didn't even touch her vagnial hole, i just flicked her clit with my tongue...I then turned for my purse, and pulled out my vib, i turned it on and put just the tip on her clit, i asked her to let me know when i hit it just right, as about a couple seconds of moving around her clit, i hit it just right and kept it there.
Because it felt so good, the pleasure just grew and grew, her moans got louder and louder and soon she was screaming "fuck"...she almost couldn't handle it anymore....she was cumming so hard. i love it, i started stroking her pussy with my tongue and put two fingers up her vaginally and one up her ass, keeping my vib on her pussy...pumping her hard....She came so was unreal...After she came, her pussy was really sensitive, so i knew i would have to leave her alone. So, i turned to the guys and grabbed my boyfriend and pulled him into the bathroom, sat him down on the toliet, i had earily told him not to cum while watching me play with Sarah..he has obeyed, i just jumped on, and started riding him, i was so wet, he just slide right in. so good and sweet...he felt so good, i started screamed almost right away...he just got so into it, he stood up and pressed me against the wall, lifting my legs and wrapping them around his waist, i held on the shelves on the wall, trying to release some pressure from him, so he could fuck me harder...the wall, started making a thrumping noise, it was so great. i loved it.......yaya.........
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